healING the human/animal bond

K9 EDGE Behaviour Consult and Modification Program


You're not alone. Everyone hits a roadblock with their dog. 

We need to remember we are dealing with another species! It can be really hard to communicate sometimes, and our motivations and needs can often conflict.

So often dogs are labelled as uncontrollable, unwalkable, aggressive, reactive, fearful, or anxious...the reality is that label is does not describe the dog, it describes their behaviour. Behaviours are exhibited in response to the environment...dogs are either reacting to what's around them, or trying to influence their situation based on their needs. 

Increase the positive, decrease the negative...dogs live in the moment and that is the core message in their lives, we can use that to guide their behaviour and lessen their fears.


Antecedent - Behaviour - Consequence. 

That is the formula for functional behaviour assessment..and for practical behaviour change.

There is always something we can do...

My behaviour modification model is based on the work of Dr. Susan Friedman http://www.behaviorworks.org who has pioneered the field of Applied Behaviour Analysis in animals. We will start with a detailed questionnaire about your dog’s lifestyle, the behaviours that are giving you problems, and the expectations you can have of your K9 family member. 

We will identify the ABC's (Antecedent / Behaviour / Consequence) and apply combined management and training solutions to address the problem. We can change the underlying emotional response for our dogs and lesson the effect of triggers in the environment.

Behaviour cannot be simply stopped...it is an energy, an outlet of underlying needs. We will work together to redirect that energy towards positive outcomes for both you and your dog. 

Nothing is more rewarding than healing the human/animal bond. You are the best thing that has ever happened to your dog and I want to ensure you can both enjoy a long life together. Let's start working right now...